For all participants to enjoy a respectful stay and an unforgettable enrichment, we must remind you of the rules of conduct below. We thank you for your cooperation.


  • Swimming is permitted only when a lifeguard is present, at scheduled times and in the designed swimming area.
  • Children must always be accompanied by an adult when at the beach.
  • Participants under 18 must not venture into the water when out of the sight of their parents.
  • Respect the different signs posted by Camp management.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the buildings or in common areas.
  • It is forbidden to build fires outside the areas intended for this purpose.
  • Children are not allowed to venture into the forest without an adult present.
  • Cars must remain in the parking lot.
  • Avoid traveling on the grounds by car, or drive slowly.



Each participant agrees to…

  • Use the premises and equipment responsibly and make sure that their behaviour does not disturb the stay of other participants;
  • Leave the premises, materials and equipment in the same condition they were before using them (exception: damage due to normal use).
  • Respect the flora and fauna – do not damage trees and plants and leave the frogs in their natural habitat;
  • Take responsibility for any damage they may cause to another person, their property and the property of the Camp. In this regard, the Committee reserves the right to transfer to the parents (or guardians) the cost of all claims received for damage caused by underage children in their care;
  • Take full responsibility as parent or guardian of the children in their care outside the periods of activities that the Committee has organized for them;
  • Acknowledge that the Camp and the Committee are not custodians of personal belongings and property, and consequently, release them from liability in case of theft, breaking or damage to such personal belongings and property;
  • Speak quietly when walking around after curfew (23:00) so as not to disturb others;
  • Not switch rooms with someone else or sleep in someone else’s room without permission from a Committee member;
  • Leave dirty dishes in the bins at your disposal by the Camp and keep the cabins clean and clear of all personal belongings before leaving the Camp;
  • Never leave glass bottles on the site and never throw trash on the ground;
  • Not break the Bahá’í laws on alcohol, drugs and chastity, under penalty of immediate expulsion.